Philosophy and Future

Petrač is a centuries-old Zagorje name and the Petrač’s
are a native Zagorje family. Hršak breg is not only a
unique and undivided vineyard formed by gradually
merging different plots of land. Hršak breg is the heritage
of Petrač family, passed down from times long gone
when wine was made and drank at home, and shared
with neighbours to enjoy life.


Nostalgia for tradition and desire to preserve the best of our heritage is probably the main motivation for the answers provided by modern winemaking. The answer to the challenge to create a harmonious and elegant Graševina, the first and only sparkling wine made exclusively from Graševina grapes, awarded red wines from the most prestigious Bordeaux varieties...
From the perfectly orderly vineyard and organized, almost sterile cellar, to excellent Petrač wines, it takes knowledge and persistence to develop a vision. You also have to be ready to achieve something new and different, but so good it will affirm a new identity for the area.
Producing excellent wine is not a new challenge anymore. The new challenge is repeating the process and perfecting it year by year. And thus showing that Zagorje deserves its spot in haute cuisine, turning Hršak breg into food and wine hub of Zagorje, Croatia and Europe.
The place of new discoveries for top chefs, enologists, sommeliers and connoisseurs.


Karizma in

Seven-day cultural event ‘Unexpected Croatia’ opened on 11th November in Shanghai, organized by the several Croatian non-profit organizations and supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture.


In a television tower that symbolizes power and strength of new China, the Oriental Pearl, Croatia is presented as a land of rich cultural heritage and pure natural beauty. Chef Andrej Barbieri had prepared Croatian dishes served with the few premium Croatian wines, and as a red wine he was presented the Petrač Winery’s Karizma.

The new website

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